Insurance News – Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Here are the leading auto insurance headlines from ONTARIO AUTO INSURANCE TOPICS ON TWITTER for Tuesday, September 27, 2016:

  • Motorist in Tesla self-driving vehicle is killed when it smashes into a tree at 100 mph in Holland – but the company insist he had not switched on auto-pilot function.
  • Insurance premiums could drop 40 percent by 2050 due to automated vehicles.
  • Self-driving cars operated by ride-sharing service Uber hit the public roads in Pittsburgh, as the company launches a pilot program that will pick up actual passengers.
  • New Brunswick auto insurance claims have grown $70 million over 3 years and may lead to some large rate hikes.
  • Lyft’s president says ‘majority’ of rides will be in self-driving cars by 2021 and car ownership will end by 2025. Overly optimistic?