Insurance News – Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Here are the leading auto insurance headlines from ONTARIO AUTO INSURANCE TOPICS ON TWITTER for Wednesday, December 30, 2015:

  • City of Toronto won’t block Uber’s new $5 commuter service but it is doing a legal review.
  • Another legal battle for Uber as the Seattle city council votes to treat Uber drivers as employees by giving them collective-bargaining rights.
  • California sets rules for self-driving cars; must have steering wheel and licensed driver behind the wheel. Google is not happy.
  • Google plans to make its self-driving cars unit, which will offer rides for hire to compete with Uber, a stand-alone business under the Alphabet Inc. corporate umbrella in 2016,
  • The self-driving car, that cutting-edge creation that’s supposed to lead to a world without accidents, is achieving the exact opposite right now.  Because driverless cars obey the laws, humans don’t so much.
  • Google and Ford are about to announce they are forming a partnership to build self-driving cars.
  • Wawanesa Insurance is asking policy holders if they are driving for Uber. And cancelling policies if the answer is yes.